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If you have any questions, you can leave a message here or send them to our email, and we will answer them as soon as possible.


Email address: [email protected]

Game Overview

Our game is a light and casual game that you can open anytime, anywhere and enjoy leisure time.

We don't have complicated plots and props and equipment to understand. You can play easily with the tap or swipe of your finger.


Our game has two game modes: Classic Mode and Endless Mode.


In Classic Mode, you can go directly to the next level after completing a picture. When you exit the game and then re-enter, the previous game progress will continue.

In Endless Mode, if you quit the game halfway through, when you come back into the game you will start the game again from the first level.

Account and Settings

If you change devices or reset game settings, we will not save your game progress and you will start the game from the first level.

You can turn sound and vibration on and off in the game settings. The settings button is at the top right of the game interface.


We will add some interstitial ads or rewarded ads in the game. You can click close after the interstitial ad plays for a few seconds; and get rewards after the rewarded ad plays.


If an error occurs or you receive receive an inappropriate or political ad, please contact us through the email address at the bottom, preferably insert a screenshot that can be used as evidence in the email.